Prince2 Project management – finally an update

Finally the OGC are going to do a 5S exercise on their excellent project

management methodology. There was a little too much flim flam in the old process.

The existing process model which currently describes the activities to

be performed throughout the project has been simplified. The existing eight processes have been reduced to seven. Sub-processes have bee

n removed from the process model and have been replaced by activities describing what needs to be done, when and by whom. The complex sub-process diagrams which students of the current method found particularly confusing have been removed.

The eight existing components have been replaced by seven ‘key themes’. Key themes are aspects of project management that need to be continu

ally addressed. They are not one-off activities. The key themes are: Business Case, Organisation, Plans, Risk, Progress, Quality, and Issues & Changes.

We welcome these changes if not the cost of getting reaccredited

Read on…


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