Personal Developments Journals (PDJ’s)


to be able to analyse experiences in a structured way, to develop self awareness and learn from experience.


based on work of Pedler et al (2001)  Pedler, M., J., and Boydell, T. (2001) A managers guide to self development (4th ed.) Mcgraw Hill


  1. What happened: a brief outline of events (keep it narrowly focused). Concentrate of the objective facts, and including what led up to the situation).
  2. My emotions: what was going through your mind – avoid the prefix “I felt..” Be specific about the emotions that you felt e.g. anger, irritation, fear, anxiety, happiness, satisfaction, sadness- and how they changed during the event.
  3. My thoughts and ideas: what went through your mind – the dialogue (it may be different to what you actually did)
  4. My action tendencies: what you TYPICALLY do in such situations .
  5. My behaviour: What you actually said and did, and how – verbal and non verbal behaviours. How others responded to your behaviours.
  6. Implications for my development: Lessons learned on your conduct to deal with the situation. What would you do differently next time, what might you change? What can you learn about your Leadership behaviour from analysing the event?

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