Corporate Responsibility (CR) Index

What is the CR Index?


Business in the Community’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) Index is the UK’s leading voluntary benchmark of Corporate Responsibility. It is a framework which helps companies to integrate and improve CR throughout their operations by providing a systematic approach to managing, measuring and reporting on business impacts in society and on the environment.

The CR Index performs two main functions:

  • A Management Tool, assisting companies in integrating CR into their core business practices
  • A public benchmark, published annually on our website and with our media partner, celebrating the achievement of companies that have gone through the process

By participating in the CR Index, companies fill in a self assessed online survey, evaluating their management and impact within the key CR areas of community, environment, marketplace and workplace.

The CR Index framework

The following diagram explains how the CR Index is structured. The survey is divided into five sections, which are individually weighted (see diagram below). The Management section is divided into our four key CR areas and the Performance and Impact section is split in Environmental Impact and Social Impact


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