Operations Process Management & Lean Videos


Operations and Strategy With Nigel Slack – 10:12 (interview with leading light in British manufacturing theory) – High Quality. Strategy, capability, Operations, process management operational

Nigel Slack presents Operations in Practice – 4:55 (study of two operational environments – with a view to solving 5 questions that Nigel Slack poses at the start of the film) – Medium Quality. Division of Labour, manual handling, health and safety

Elements of Operations Management at Island Beverages Co Ltd – 8:58 (overview of a bottling business) – Medium Quality. Automation, conveyors, health and safety, manual handling, logistics

Operations Management – Inventory KPIs – 8:27 (Powerpoint with commentary) – Medium Quality. KPI’s, COGS. Stock Turns, Inventory, Days of supply, Fill rate, AAVI,

Operations Management Seminar: Demand-supply mismatch and shareholder value, Dr Vinod Singhal – 67:07 (Lecture on supply chain and stakeholders) – High Quality. Inventory bloat, stakeholder analysis

Amazon Worldwide Operations – 58:53 (Lecture on Operational success of Amazon) – High Quality. Supply chain, cost reduction, customer centricity, Kaizen, lean enterprise

Dell Worldwide Operations – 6:58 (Pull systems in PC manufacturing) – Low Quality

Module discussion on Operations Management – 6:40 (interview with Operations theorist) – Low Quality. Value,


Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM) – 8:05 (presentation) High quality

Module 2: Buy It: Managing Supply (ASU-WPC-SCM) – 3:46  (presentation) High quality

Module 3: Make It: Manufacturing and Operations – 4:23  (presentation) High quality

Module 4: Move It: Transportation and Logistics – 3:45  (presentation) High quality

Module 5: Sell it & Service It: Retail Considerations – 3:39  (presentation) High quality

Module 6: Supply Chain Integration – 4:41  (presentation) High quality

Module 7: Global Supply Chain Management – 4:07  (presentation) High quality

Module 8: Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management – 4:33  (presentation) High quality

Module 9: Business Processes – 4:18  (presentation) High quality

Module 10: Measuring Performance – 5:17  (presentation) High quality

Module 11: Quality Management – 3:20  (presentation) High quality

Module 12: Supply Chains and Information Technology – 3:53  (presentation) High quality


Introduction to Lean Manufacturing – 9:35 (Gemba academy lecture) High Quality

Dealing with the 7 Deadly Wastes (Lean Manufacturing)

The seven types of waste – 4:21 (Explained via waffle making) Med Quality

Ten Commandments of Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma

5S Overview

Kaizen Overview – 9:55 (Gemba Academy lecture on Continuous improvement techniques) – High Quality

PDCA – 10:30 (Gemba Academy on Toyota’s 8 Step Practical Problem Solving Methodology) – High Quality

SMED – 9:01 (Gemba Academy lecture on Quick change over and single minute exchange of dies) – High Quality

7 Quality Control Tools Overview – 8:12 (Gemba Academy lecture on using quality control techniques) – High Quality

Kanban – 1:57 (simple, but effective, mobile stock management system) – Med Quality. Kanban, visual management

W. Edwards Deming – Part 1 – 9:35 (story of the father of Quality Management) Low quality

W. Edwards Deming – Part 2 – 8:52 (story of the father of Quality Management) Low quality

W. Edwards Deming – Part 3 – 9:54 (story of the father of Quality Management) Low quality

Lean Manufacturing OEE Video (TPM)

Understanding: The Rise of Toyota

Understanding: Robots – Mass Customization

Understanding: Poka-Yoke and Chaku-Chaku

Understanding: China – Manufacturing Economic Zones

Understanding: Manufacturing Automobile Seats

Lean Manufacturing in Aerospace (Rolls-Royces)

The Great Lean Manufacturing – Visa Example

Lean Manufacturing Cell

Hitachi Plasma Manufacturing

Cell Phone Manufacturing of the Sony Ericsson P900

Xbox 360 Production Line

LinesideKanban from Lego – 6:45

Izmash small arms factory – 7:01

Russian submarine and tank factory – 3:49

Nissan Factory in Sunderland – 7:31

New Mini Production Video

Honda Plant – perfect positioning advert

Producing Skoda cars – 6:19

Audi A4 on the Production Line

MiTo Production Line (full version) – 3:29

Toyota Motor Manufacturing

car engine manufacture – 4:50

Koenigsegg factory visit – evo Magazine – 4:47

Lamborghini Factory in Italy – 3:47

Lotus Factory Tour – 6:15

Ford Mass Production


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