Good Energy Group – Plug

Good Energy was founded over a decade ago with one clear goal – to make a difference to climate change. And we are as true to that today as we were when we started out.

Reliant on the burning of fossil fuels, the way society currently generates energy releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This makes it a major contributor to climate change. Good Energy wanted to offer people the opportunity to make a better choice – 100% renewable electricity from a company dedicated to changing the energy industry. For good.

Over time other energy companies have followed our lead and all now offer their own ‘green’ tariffs. But the truth of the matter is evident in the table on the right. We are still the UK’s only zero carbon supplier, sourcing all of our electricity from renewables.

This commitment to developing renewables underpins all our work, and defines our purpose. Supplying 100% renewable electricity is just part of what we do. We are a small company with a big ambition. If every energy company looked like Good Energy, the industry would be fit for generations to come. We want the UK to achieve a future that is powered purely by renewables – and doing this means turning the energy market upside down.

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