Made in Great Britain – a revival…

In a survey of 1,000 Brits, 40% erroneously identified HP Sauce products as being manufactured in the UK; 43% Royal Doulton; 32% Dyson; and 23% Raleigh.

In fact, HP Sauce is made in the Netherlands, Dyson products are made in Malaysia and both Royal Doulton and Raleigh have moved production to the Far East.

In an increasingly globalised manufacturing industry, and with at least three of the four companies listed above retaining design in the UK, does this matter? Apparently, yes. In the survey, carried out independently on behalf of St Helens cooker maker Stoves, 36% of people said they buy British whenever they can and an additional third said they would do so more often if it was easier to identify products which were made in the UK. Over half said that they’d like to see British companies move production back ‘home’.

Now, backed by its local MP, Stoves is launching a campaign for the introduction of a new, standardised ‘Made in the UK’ logo to be displayed on goods produced on British shores.

Click here for the full story


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