The future of desktops

The future of desktops will see the use of gesture and inert surfaces morph into an extremely disruptive hybrid technology. Are touch screen manufacturers ready? EXOdesk are trying to steal a march on the likes of Microsoft, whose Surface technology is pricey and too elitist, with a cheap solution that opens up a new world to consumers. You can try to fight the rise of the consumer led tech emergence if you wish, but why would you?

DisplAir Air touch system is designed by a russian kid with a little money and head full of sci-fi. If the Russian blogs and social media are anything to go by this will be massive. It is plain old simple IR and projectors so there is nothing tomorrow about this. But the point is that this is an interface that a whole generation want to use now. Russia is a rising economy and these kids are the next cash rich generation… it out for yourself

Any technology company that ignores the uptake and acceptance of a certain technology, choosing to try to hold back the tide, or worse still, try to hold the high price, is as obsolete as those poor Netbook manufacturers of yester-year. One day we will look at the mouse, keyboard and the tablet stylus as quaint old pieces of tech. When the finger is the dominant tool of creativity we will surely have squared the circle and returned to the caves of Lascaux!


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