Mirror, mirror, in the future… *UPDATED*

It is refreshing to see how business’ are embracing the future. As innovative technology emerges it threatens well established revenue streams. Future gazing organisation are compelled to explore non standard domains.  The effort, to seek out  supplementary revenue streams to their business-as-usual activity, yeilds its own reward. A perfect example of this is Nokia, who were formed in 1865 as a wood pulping mill, supplying the newspaper industry with paper. From paper to rubber to electrical cabling and then in the 1960’s some way out thinkers at Nokia thought it would be fun to mess around with electronics….

Similarly, in 1851 a newspaper was born, 160 years later and we may be seeing the Nokia evolution happening all over again. The New York Times [think stale, old, carbon intensive, broadsheet news papers] has been exploring touch technology. For their R&D team this interface is one that can recognize the face and offers the ultimate in a personalized experience. This may not be new technology but each iterative enhancement and integration of technologies allows us to probe deeper into the psychologial aspects of technology acceptance.

As a user of this device  it acts as a mirror in the home, a TV, a mail service, a medicine usage monitor etc….Take a Smart HDTV and add Kinect, SIRI-esque voice recognition, webcam with facial recognition and Corian moulding and you have a must have assistive tech product.

I suspect that any such publicly placed device, offering up an instant facial recognition and tailored marketing, will be embraced postively and rejected wholly in equal measures.

Reveal Project – Personal Data Mirror from NYT R&D on Vimeo.


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