The road to nowhere

Toyota have spent decades thinking about the users of their products. Their philosophy positions the human, whether that is their customers or their employees, at the centre of everything they do. Kansei1 Design Divison of Toyota is a futurism incubator with a remit to redesign entirely the passenger experience.
One example of this is their collaborative work with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Their project, Windows of the world, seeks to create interactivity between the passing vehicle and the environment it is driving through. Their intention is to provide a richer travel experience for those passengers in their vehicles.

The psychology at work in this project is based on the age old experience of young travellers; that long car journeys are boring. If the passage of time and distance can be augmented by a range of complimentary digital distractions, it may just make that car journey more pleasurable. Which ultimately is the point of the project. If Toyota can engage the passenger entirely, so that this passage of time is ignored, or better yet, put to good use as educational entertainment (edutainment) then they will have convinced the current generation of car buyers (parents) how useful this is.

In the next decade we my see the driver also presented with personaliized set of digital distractions. The next three videos show a Toyota concept vehicle that palces the touchscreen into a cockpit like front seat of the car. This car is all about customisation, compatibility and communual travel experiences.


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