Road to nowhere – part 2

GM have spent the past three years researching the urban car of the future. In the following three films we see a glimpse into their solution to mass urban transportation. The three autonomous vehicles in the EN-V range each have a distinctly Eastern flavour and reveal where they see the market to be for these modes of transport. The vehicles are a mixture of carbonfibre, meta-materials, advanced plastics, personal proximity sensors, wireless and touch technology.

They are not the only ones experimenting with future concepts. In the past five years practically every car manufacturer has set up a technical incubator for futurism. examples of their work to date are featured here. By no means exhaustive, the videos give you a taste of what will be coming our way, with such cars as the Volkswagen XL1, Nissan iV, Mercedes Benz Biome, BMW ZX-6, Audi Quattroflex, Renault Captur, Honda Air, Mercedes Benz Aria, Cadillac Aera, Mercedes Silver Arrow, Volvo Air Motion, Hyandai Aebulle, Honda 3R-C, Alfa Romeo Bertone.


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