The art and creativity in Self-service

Self-service technology is often thought of as just a self check out machine in a supermarket. It is viewed as a soul-less solution that separates the customer from human contact. Furthermore it is seen as a technology that destroys jobs and consumes valuable space in a business. Thankfully this impression is changing as more people embrace the technology and experience first hand the benefits that it can bring. I have spent several years studying the form and functionality of the state of the art kiosk. My role at Box Technologies Ltd has enabled me to challenge the styles and preferences of both suppliers and customers. This body of research is now paying dividends. We have a great range of products, a healthy innovation pipeline and some extremely capable partners. The next decade will see continual growth in this technology sector. I hope to guide, influence and participate with all members of the self-service community, in delivering aesthetically designed useful pieces of engagement technology. I wish to promote Europe as the center of this global growth engine. I am looking forward to playing my part in this lucrative value chain.



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