LCD contact lens

I have always believed that the contact lens would make a very efficient display. Add a little NFC and 4G and you have a very personal signage solution. One that is only in your face…


greenchief on Nov 23, 2:38 PM said: The Smartphone will disappear I agree with Nicholas that the smartphone as we know it will all but disappear in the next few years. Mobile computing is transforming into disruptive technologies that we can’t even begin to imagine. It will come to us in different hybrid forms of hardware. The merging of these devices will be driven by the imaginative young at heart who have not let the constrictions of conventional thinking fog their innovation. Fact; Nevada is the 1st state to approve self-driving cars. Fact; California’s Governor Brown signs into state law self-driving car, last month. Fact; General Motors and China create a joint-venture for self-driving cars to be used in new 21st century eco-cities now under construction in China.

Fact; The GM EN-V is control by a brain wave helmet and is now operational.

Fact; NeuroSky has developed a brainwave helmet for $200 and developers from around the world are merging the technology with development boards from Arduino for $50 and creating new applications such and brainwave controlled smart homes, brainwave controlled vehicles, brainwave controlled flying drones and brainwave controlled toys.

Fact; Panasonic in Japan is building a 21st energy city with advanced intelligent software operation every aspect of the community.

The real secret is not in the hardware but in the software. Everyone is going to open source which can be monetized yet greatly reducing development time and cost. Even IBM’s new super computer that operates in petaflops uses open source. The military brainwave program uses open source.

Respectfully Jefferey Alan Wilson Sr. CEO/President entelitech

Arif on Nov 25, 2:24 AM said: Not a new thing!!!. Few years back ‘MicroOptical’ introduced this to use it in Hospitals, mainly for surgeons while doing a surgery. MicroOptical’s MD-6 Critical Data Viewer displays vital signs where you need them most — right before your eyes. Without obstructing your natural field of vision, the viewer duplicates the live display of your monitor as a floating image positioned a few feet in front of you — displaying vitals in real-time. By keeping both patient and critical data in your hand-eye axis, the viewer allows you to view vital signs repeatedly without having to look away at a monitor. By surgeons can view two sets of critical data, such as vital signs and cath lab images


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