The art of Lean Manufacturing

This is a collection of infographics that I developed in my role as an Operational Production Manager. I wanted to take the left brained thinking of Lean principles and reinterpret them as a right brained display of visual posters. I found that many people grasped the concepts more quickly through the use of these pictures.
I offer lean Manufacturing mentor services to UK services and manufacturing companies. The purpose of these mentor services are to empower, enable and educate supervisors in the practical applications in the workplace of these exotic concepts.

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To lean or not to lean – Project management versus Lean project management

Does project management have to be lean to be effective? Darren Walsh, divisional lean manager for hydraulic filtration specialists Parker Hannifin and a graduate of Cardiff University’s Lean MSc programme, explains why traditional project management needs to be revised if it is to support lean enterprise.


“There’s no place for traditional project management in mature lean environments.” Strong words when you consider that project management shares a similar success rate to implementing change, in that, it is believed that 70% of all projects fail or miss their deadlines and 70% of change fails to deliver the benefits within the planned timeline.

This article will examine some of the key differences between traditional project management and progressive lean project management, where the change agents have learned from past problems and embraced a better understanding of what makes lean really work.

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Operations Process Management & Lean Videos


Operations and Strategy With Nigel Slack – 10:12 (interview with leading light in British manufacturing theory) – High Quality. Strategy, capability, Operations, process management operational

Nigel Slack presents Operations in Practice – 4:55 (study of two operational environments – with a view to solving 5 questions that Nigel Slack poses at the start of the film) – Medium Quality. Division of Labour, manual handling, health and safety

Elements of Operations Management at Island Beverages Co Ltd – 8:58 (overview of a bottling business) – Medium Quality. Automation, conveyors, health and safety, manual handling, logistics

Operations Management – Inventory KPIs – 8:27 (Powerpoint with commentary) – Medium Quality. KPI’s, COGS. Stock Turns, Inventory, Days of supply, Fill rate, AAVI,

Operations Management Seminar: Demand-supply mismatch and shareholder value, Dr Vinod Singhal – 67:07 (Lecture on supply chain and stakeholders) – High Quality. Inventory bloat, stakeholder analysis

Amazon Worldwide Operations – 58:53 (Lecture on Operational success of Amazon) – High Quality. Supply chain, cost reduction, customer centricity, Kaizen, lean enterprise

Dell Worldwide Operations – 6:58 (Pull systems in PC manufacturing) – Low Quality

Module discussion on Operations Management – 6:40 (interview with Operations theorist) – Low Quality. Value,


Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM) – 8:05 (presentation) High quality

Module 2: Buy It: Managing Supply (ASU-WPC-SCM) – 3:46  (presentation) High quality

Module 3: Make It: Manufacturing and Operations – 4:23  (presentation) High quality

Module 4: Move It: Transportation and Logistics – 3:45  (presentation) High quality

Module 5: Sell it & Service It: Retail Considerations – 3:39  (presentation) High quality

Module 6: Supply Chain Integration – 4:41  (presentation) High quality

Module 7: Global Supply Chain Management – 4:07  (presentation) High quality

Module 8: Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management – 4:33  (presentation) High quality

Module 9: Business Processes – 4:18  (presentation) High quality

Module 10: Measuring Performance – 5:17  (presentation) High quality

Module 11: Quality Management – 3:20  (presentation) High quality

Module 12: Supply Chains and Information Technology – 3:53  (presentation) High quality


Introduction to Lean Manufacturing – 9:35 (Gemba academy lecture) High Quality

Dealing with the 7 Deadly Wastes (Lean Manufacturing)

The seven types of waste – 4:21 (Explained via waffle making) Med Quality

Ten Commandments of Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma

5S Overview

Kaizen Overview – 9:55 (Gemba Academy lecture on Continuous improvement techniques) – High Quality

PDCA – 10:30 (Gemba Academy on Toyota’s 8 Step Practical Problem Solving Methodology) – High Quality

SMED – 9:01 (Gemba Academy lecture on Quick change over and single minute exchange of dies) – High Quality

7 Quality Control Tools Overview – 8:12 (Gemba Academy lecture on using quality control techniques) – High Quality

Kanban – 1:57 (simple, but effective, mobile stock management system) – Med Quality. Kanban, visual management

W. Edwards Deming – Part 1 – 9:35 (story of the father of Quality Management) Low quality

W. Edwards Deming – Part 2 – 8:52 (story of the father of Quality Management) Low quality

W. Edwards Deming – Part 3 – 9:54 (story of the father of Quality Management) Low quality

Lean Manufacturing OEE Video (TPM)

Understanding: The Rise of Toyota

Understanding: Robots – Mass Customization

Understanding: Poka-Yoke and Chaku-Chaku

Understanding: China – Manufacturing Economic Zones

Understanding: Manufacturing Automobile Seats

Lean Manufacturing in Aerospace (Rolls-Royces)

The Great Lean Manufacturing – Visa Example

Lean Manufacturing Cell

Hitachi Plasma Manufacturing

Cell Phone Manufacturing of the Sony Ericsson P900

Xbox 360 Production Line

LinesideKanban from Lego – 6:45

Izmash small arms factory – 7:01

Russian submarine and tank factory – 3:49

Nissan Factory in Sunderland – 7:31

New Mini Production Video

Honda Plant – perfect positioning advert

Producing Skoda cars – 6:19

Audi A4 on the Production Line

MiTo Production Line (full version) – 3:29

Toyota Motor Manufacturing

car engine manufacture – 4:50

Koenigsegg factory visit – evo Magazine – 4:47

Lamborghini Factory in Italy – 3:47

Lotus Factory Tour – 6:15

Ford Mass Production

Six Sigma measure = 99.99966

Does 99.99966 seems excessive,

isn’t “99% acceptable” good enough…??

– 20,000 lost articles of mail every hour.

– 15 minutes each day of unsafe drinking water.

– 5,000 incorrect surgical procedures per week.

– 4 or more accidents per day at major airports.

– 200,000 wrong drug prescriptions each year.

– 7 hours each month without electricity.

….nuff said!

Lean Forward

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