Library Self Service

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Parody of self check out kiosks in library

Bibliotheca smartserve™ 400 – Manufactured by Evoke kiosks. 2012

RFID library kiosks – Manufactured byD-Tech International Ltd. 2011

Intellident Library kiosk – Manufactured by Evoke Kiosks. 2011

Ice Self service at Ipswich library – Manufactured by D-Tech. 2009

RFID self check-out ant Berkley public Library. 2009

Loughborough University self check-out kiosk. Manufactured by unknown. 2009

David Wilson library – Manufactured by unknown. 2008

Ryerson Library – Manufactured by Unknown. 2008

NUS Library self check-out. Manufactured by unknown. 2009

Queens Library Self Check-out. 2008

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